We provide car rental services that rents vehicles for short periods of time (ranging from a few hours to a few weeks). At Addon Cars, we believe in making your rental experience as convenient as possible. If you are looking for a reliable chauffeur car service, you can avail our excellent car rental solutions at reasonable rates. We are focused on round the clock ground transportation solutions rendering personalized and professional services.

We provide unique opportunities with innovative technology in car rental services for executives and corporate travelers. High quality service specially tailored to suit your specific business needs with dedicated reservation centers that offer 'just a call away' convenience for anytime, anywhere travelling. Make sure your arrival is a good first impression, whether you’re looking forward to a simple business trip or a vacation home to endless stories. Do so by taking advantage of every easy amenity, whether it’s a shuttle that gets you to your destination or an on-site that keeps you close to your flight.


Whether you want a luxury airport transfer or you want to rent car for 1 day, we offer a large selection of up-to-date vehicles for varied travel needs. You can choose a rental according to your budget and even customize it for an optimal experience.

Our chauffeur car service is a great way of eliminating the hassles of travelling to different parts of the city. Be it for business or pleasure, our car rental solutions are just what you need to get around comfortably. We will provide you the most convenient and budget-friendly car rental options.

Besides luxury airport transfers, we also provide all day car rentals. If you need a 1-day rental car, we have different packages that you can choose from. Based on the duration, location and car you are looking for, we can make a quick booking for you.

You can book our services with just a couple of clicks. From well-maintained vehicles and courteous chauffeurs to timely services, you will surely have a good time availing our rental solutions.

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